VoIP Business Services

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now being considered as the best business solutions and services that can provide an excellent way to manage the costs of phone system. With the latest technology and innovations, businesses can now get the communication services like voice and video conference calling, unified communications, video conferencing etc. through a hosted business VoIP solution. All the providers offer different packages according to the needs and budgets of different companies.

In order to get the best value for money from these business VoIP providers, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the features that are provided by each provider. It is better to compare all the features and select a plan that fulfills your business needs. This is a time consuming process. There are many providers available who claim to have most attractive offers for the business VoIP phone systems. One should choose a phone system that is cost effective and meets the business needs.

There are mainly three types of VoIP business services

IP Centrex, IRT (Internet Telephone Service), and Integrated VoIP. The basic difference between these three systems is their service delivery methodologies. IRT uses the regular phone networks to IPR/Iridium use high-speed Internet connections. Businesses on the move can also make use of bundled Broadband Phone systems that support call forwarding and switching. For international calls, it is ideal to go for International Relay Telephone (IRT).

There are mainly two ways to avail VoIP business phone services – as hosted VoIP or stand-alone plans. Hosted service providers are offered by telephone companies that offer a facility to create business phone service extension numbers. They manage the entire network and the extension numbers. Many such companies include additional features like call forwarding, caller ID, conferencing, and speed dials in their services. Stand-alone providers offer a single telephone number with no other extensions offered.

The two prominent companies offering hosted VoIP services are RingCentral and iRelay.

Both offer basic calling features as well as professional voice and faxing services. RingCentral allows its customers to get access to all the features of its basic plan for free. However, it has certain limitations like making and receiving local calls and outbound and inbound calls to toll-free numbers. iRelay is provided with the same features of RingCentral with the added convenience of having a virtual number, free or charged calling minutes, free long distance dialing, and unlimited numbers.

Business phone systems like VoIP PBX and VoIP servers are used for large scale telecommuting and provide the feature of meeting people halfway across the globe. These voice communication systems can be fitted into a huge venue like a convention center and connected to different locations through a phone network. Telecommuters enjoy low cost communication while enabling them to work from anywhere they are in the world. Business phone systems with VoIP technology also enable small-to-medium sized enterprises to have an edge over their counterparts. With improved bandwidth and in-built circuits, these systems are able to transmit voice and data at high speeds and in a clear manner.

There are many businesses that were earlier unable to afford VoIP phone systems and voice connections because of the cost involved. But with the emergence of the Internet, everyone can enjoy these facilities for reasonable fees. For instance, the monthly charges for residential users has come down and many businesses find it cheaper to use VoIP service for their voice and data needs rather than hiring expensive landlines and other communication tools.

  • One more advantage of VoIP phones and services is that the traffic can be easily managed.
  • This can be done by transmitting the calls in a structured manner so as to reduce any wastage.
  • In addition to this, users can also get rid of long distance charges and other call charges.
  • Many businesses are now making use of voice systems to streamline their daily operations and make things easier for the employees.
  • It is easy to find a reputable provider for your business needs such as Vonage.